Job Vacancies SAESL
SAESL welcomes prospective employees to join a team that is trusted globally to reliably and efficiently repair and overhaul Rolls-Royce Trent engines.

If you meet the requirements stated in our job vacancies list, we invite you to apply online.

*It has come to our attention that there are websites purporting to be recruiting in India on SAESL’s behalf and issuing fake letters of job offers. Please note that SAESL does not currently have any recruitment office or agent in India.*

Date Posted Position Ref. No. Position Apply Online
13 Jan 2021 SAESL13012101 Developer Apply Online
13 Jan 2021 SAESL13012102 Manager, Project Management Office Apply Online
01 Dec 2020 SAESL01122001 Trainee Technicians Apply Online
26 Oct 2020 SAESL26102002 Production Planning Executive Apply Online
21 Jan 2021 SAESLSGU01 SGUnited Traineeship – CMM Programmer Apply Online
19 Oct 2020 SAESLSGU01 SGUnited Traineeship – Accounts Executive Apply Online
19 Oct 2020 SAESLSGU02 SGUnited Traineeship – IT Programmer Apply Online
19 Oct 2020 SAESLSGU03 SGUnited Traineeship – Quality Engineer Apply Online
19 Oct 2020 SAESLSGU04 SGUnited Traineeship – Facilities Executive Apply Online
30 Jul 2020 SAESL30072001 Technicians (Engine Assembly/ Engine Disassembly/ Engine Testing) Apply Online
11 Feb 2020 SAESL02071919 Industrial Attachment Apply Online